Big Boy

“We’ve got a new assignment for you.”

Rebecca perked up at this. She loved new assignments, the harder the better. It made her better at her job. She worked as a greeter at the local supermarket and was very proud of her position; she was following in her mother’s footsteps. Her mother had been a greeter years ago before moving up to store manager, then district manager, then VP. She spent years on her knees and finally earned a position at the top, where she could command others to get on their knees before her.

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Prisoner Teaser 2

Hi everyone, here is a second teaser for my novel Prisoner now available on Amazon here. It clocks in at 11,227 words, or close to 30 pages depending on font size (on ebook readers it will be a lot more). This is not a part of the actual novel, but rather a side story to show you what you can expect if you purchase it. I hope you enjoy!

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Afternoon at the Park 2

The mistress pulls out a butt plug from her bag of tricks and pops it in her own mouth, sucking on it like a lollypop. It’s big enough to barely fit in, wide and long. She kneels down and spreads the punk-girl’s ass cheeks, then pulls the plug out of her mouth and jams it deep inside. She has to twist it and force it in—the hole is fairly damn tight.

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