Mother’s Touch

Hannah hummed to herself as she hung up the washing in the warm summer air. She’d bought a house out in the suburbs with just enough space in the backyard for a herb garden, a flower garden, and a washing line. That was all she needed in her kingdom: with high, unclimbable wooden walls covered in creeping vines, she was like a queen, and this yard was her castle.

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Dad Thinks I’m Mom Review

Welcome to my newest review, Link Available Here!

This week we have a real treat in the form of Molly Jane, a great brunette with some rocking 32 triple D, all natural breasts. Molly Jane’s compilation features a father constantly mistaking his beautiful big-titted daughter for his wife and using her at his leisure. Of course, this compilation contains a plethora of memorable lines on Molly’s part such as “but, um…”, “ah?” and of course, “…dad?”

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