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In addition, all of  my works have been influenced by Ninesparrow, a Freeuse Author. Most famous stories by Nine Sparrow:

FTF Anthology by [Sparrow, Nine]Queen of the Nile (FTF Law Book 2) by [Sparrow, Nine]FTFLaw: Elly by [Sparrow, Nine]

FTF Anthology

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A Slave’s Diary
A Girl of Many Facials
An Alien Slave
Time Machine

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These stories are hot, juicy, and very very NSFW. There are aspects of BDSM, freeuse, lesbianism, and of course public sex. Read them all today and enjoy taking them wherever you go on Kindle.


Queen of the Nile

Joachim is captured by Queen Nefertiti, whose lust is legendary in ancient Egypt. He endures her tastes–sadistic and perverted–and must escape from her grasp along with a handmaiden named Alara. A hardcore BDSM and Freeuse erotica novella for the ages!


FTF Law: Elly

Elly Smith is a student at the finishing school Swallow Falls, recently turned 18 and serving her community and her school with her body. During a class with her least favourite teacher she is humiliated not once but twice, and believes she will never live it down. Elly wants nothing more than revenge for the way she was treated, but will she ever get it? With two strong friends at her side, and a plan beginning to form, she will need all her wits, and all her skills, to get the justice she deserves.