Mother’s Touch

Hannah hummed to herself as she hung up the washing in the warm summer air. She’d bought a house out in the suburbs with just enough space in the backyard for a herb garden, a flower garden, and a washing line. That was all she needed in her kingdom: with high, unclimbable wooden walls covered in creeping vines, she was like a queen, and this yard was her castle.

She waved a mosquito away as it buzzed close to her bare breasts, an unfortunate consequence of walking around half-naked in the summertime. In fact, the only clothes she ever wore were her favourite black panties and the thigh-high stockings that she got as a gift from her son. Her long hair draped around her soft nipples and areolas, tickling her with every breeze and movement, and the day was quiet and peaceful.

I’ve got to do some weeding sometime soon, she thought to herself as her eyes drifted to her flower garden. Usually she prided herself on keeping it clean and ordered, a raft of order in a chaotic world, but her son had been so demanding ever since he came of age that she hadn’t had a proper chance in weeks.

“Mum!” speak and it shall appear. She turned as her son approached, one hand down the front of his pants. She had definitely raised a handsome boy: he was three weeks into his eighteenth year, his body toned from years of exercise in her home gym and healthy eating.

“Not again?” Hannah said, exasperated.

“Sorry, mum,” he said, sighing. She felt her body soften at his crestfallen look. She couldn’t blame him: when a man turned eighteen–or, sorry, when a boy turned into a man–he began a life of sexual conquest that would make even most debaucherous Ancient Greek blush. It’s what came from eighteen years of abstinence: there were strict laws on no sex with underage boys and girls, and rightly so. He deserved to enjoy himself a little, and he’d settle down eventually.

To tell the truth, she was glad that he was coming to her to satisfy his needs. It is a mother’s duty to take care of her son.

“No, no, come here,” she said, beckoning him close. As soon as he came within range his hands shot out and began to grope her ample breasts, which sat like perky head-size balls on her chest. She had always been proud of them; there wasn’t much drooping in them, and it was completely natural, without implants.

“Let mother take care of you,” she said, as his fingers began to squeeze her nipples. She leaned forward and hugged him, feeling a hard point against her inner thigh. She smiled into his shoulder and reached down, her hand finding his hard length. She slipped into his shorts and grasped him tightly, beginning to rub up and down his shaft, keeping her face buried in his neck.

“Do you like that?” she whispered, prompting a fast and enthusiastic nod of the head. She smiled. “I thought so.”

Her fingers slipped down further to cradle his balls for a few moments, before her hand retreated, taking the waistband of his shorts and pulling them slowly down. She knelt before him, taking her time, letting him savour the sight of his mother on her knees. She always wore a deep, rich shade of lipstick, and she let her tongue play across her full lips as she moved her head toward his tip.

She opened her mouth, then closed it teasingly, then let her tongue flick across to taste the first drops of salty seed that leaked out. A hand grabbed her hair and she grinned as the eager man thrust her forward, spearing her throat with his cock. Younger men were always too impatient!

He began to thrust in and out, and she did her best to keep him entranced, flicking and slithering her tongue around him, drawing him in deeply then tantalisingly pulling away so that he would come back for more. A hand once more grabbed her breast and he stood hunched over to reach, fondling her as she sucked him with all her considerable skill.

There was a sense of urgency, a quickening of his movements, and she pulled back only slightly as he unloaded over her tongue, filling her mouth with his warm seed. She smiled around the mouthful as he thrust a few more times, coating her throat as well as her mouth, before pulling back away.

A small dribble of jizz leaked out of the corner of her mouth, and she let it go as her throat muscles worked to swallow the thick meal her son had provided her. She licked her lips again and stood, helping him pull his shorts up as she went.

“Make sure you come straight back if you need help again,” Hannah said, smiling. She could see his eyes focus on the dribble of cum running down her chin, but she let it go, turning around to head over to the garden.

There was no point in cleaning herself when he would empty his balls yet again over her and make her dirty once more. So, until he needed her, she would see to the garden.

She walked over, humming under her breath, enjoying the warm summer breeze.