Big Boy

“We’ve got a new assignment for you.”

Rebecca perked up at this. She loved new assignments, the harder the better. It made her better at her job. She worked as a greeter at the local supermarket and was very proud of her position; she was following in her mother’s footsteps. Her mother had been a greeter years ago before moving up to store manager, then district manager, then VP. She spent years on her knees and finally earned a position at the top, where she could command others to get on their knees before her.

“Anything for you, sir,” Rebecca said, clasping her hands together. The action made her naked breasts squeeze and was a calculated move to impress others. She had perfected it over the summer.

“We’ve got a new item in stock—the Big Boy. We’ll need someone to demonstrate it for the customers,” her manager explained. Michael was a big man, bald, and with a permanent smile on his face. He reached into the shopping cart next to him and pulled out an enormous box. It looked like something you’d carry a long-barrel rifle in; on the front was a design of an enormous black cock, veins and all.

“Wow,” Rebecca said, taking the box from his hands. She could barely hold it. She was a petite girl that looked like she should still be in high school, so that got her a whole lot of attention from the young male customers. She opened the box and her manager helped her pull it out. It was even bigger than it had looked; at least the size of her forearm.

“You think you can handle it?” Michael asked.

“I think so. Want me to get to the demonstration area now?”

“Use some of our new extra slippery lube. Hopefully we can sell a few bottles.”

Rebecca hauled the enormous dildo toward the center of the store. The supermarket was designed like a shopping mall with two stories and a wide-open area in the middle, which could be viewed from the upper balconies. They didn’t just sell groceries, but also appliances and all sorts of things, with dedicated rooms for BDSM gear and sex toys. Rebecca moved onto the stage, which was set up like a young teenager’s bedroom, and sat on the bed.

The Big Boy came with an adjustable stand and she fiddled around with it, frowning, trying to get it to come open. Eventually she managed to plant the thing on the bed and it sat up proudly in the air like a giant’s finger.

“Wow,” she repeated, looking at it with awe. It was surely a challenge, but she was determined to give it a try.

“Attention customers, a special in-store demonstration of our latest product, the ‘big boy’ is now being given in the center court. Please make your way there in an orderly fashion. Thank you.” The loudspeaker rang through the entire center and Rebecca sat and waited for the crowd to build up. She saw a lot of smiling (and a lot of inquisitive) faces looking up at her expectantly and after a few moments she decided it was time to begin.

Rebecca held up the Big Boy for the crowd to see, turning it around and hefting it up high. It was actually surprisingly heavy and she was a small girl, so it took a bit of effort. She smiled and turned around and got down on her hands and knees, giving the crowd a view of her naked behind. With her legs spread she took up a bottle of her lubricant and spread it around, and inside, her slit. The feeling of her slick fingers actually turned her on and she found herself moaning slightly. Well, she’d always had that fetish of fucking in front of a crowd… luckily she in the right line of work.

She spread her legs as wide as they’d go and brought the toy behind her. She clenched her teeth and brought the tip to her lips, which took quite a bit of maneuvering, and listened to the oohs and aahs of the crowd.

That leant her courage, and she forced the helmet-shaped tip past her lips. The girth alone was enough to give her pause, but she was a good little employee, and this wasn’t the first time she’d taken a monster cock before.

“Wow,” one woman exclaimed.

“It’s a bit too big, don’t you think?”

“Just the right size. I’ve got this itch, you know…”

Rebecca heard the crowd whispering and she grunted and pushed it in even further. She brought her other hand down to rub her clit, just to make the punishment easier. It slid in a few more inches and she growled and adjusted herself so she was sitting down. She used the weight of her body to slide it in the rest of the way, the feeling in her lower abdomen strange. She had never taken something so big before!

She finally got it in to the base and sighed in relief. There was practically a bulge in her lower half now where the enormous thing was forced into her. She didn’t even know if she’d be able to stand with it so far inside; it was so large and heavy it probably made her a great deal heavier.

She looked over the crowd and smiled and waved to them, proud of her achievement. The men and women began to pick up a few boxes, proving her demonstration a success. She saw her manager smiling at her and giving her the thumbs up.

She’d probably be employee of the month because of this.